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Installation Guide

1. Download the latest release using the links to the right

2. The download file is a WSP solution file, so using the STSADM command line on your MOSS server, call the AddSolution operation to add the solution to your farm. E.g: C:\PathTo\stsadm.exe -o addsolution -filename C:\PathTo\WSPFile.wsp

3. Once the solution has been added, navigate to Central Administration >> Operations >> Solution Management and click on SPDAT.wsp

4. On the next screen, click on deploy

5. When presented with the solution details, select the web application simply click OK - the solution will now be deployed.

6. Navigate to a web application where you would like to use the features

7. Navigate to the Site Collection Features management page (Site Settings >> Site Collection Features) - Make sure you are at the root site collection level

8a. Activate the Starznet - Developer and Administration Tools feature, and if necessary the Starznet Administration : Manage Forms Authentication feature also.

8b. In Central Administration, navigate to Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Site Features and activate the Starznet Administration : Web Application and Farm Administration feature

9. Go back to the Site Settings page and at the bottom you will see the links to the features described here

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