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Project Description
The SharePoint 2007 Developer and Administration Tools (SpDAT) aim to help both technical and non-technical administrators/developers of a SharePoint site to work faster.

From the makers of SZAccelerate - rapidly create public facing websites in MOSS - comes a toolkit to help administrators and developers view, manipulate and manage MOSS more effectively. Take a look at the list of features available below...

Installation Guide


Manage Web Properties
View, edit and delete items in the SPWeb property bag
Screenshots & More Information

Manage Site Collection Properties
View, edit and delete items in the Root SPWeb property bag
Screenshots & More Information

CAML Helper
Create CAML queries using a dynamic interface
Screenshots & More Information

Site Content Types Hierarchy
View all the content types (including schema XML and ID's) available, in a tree view style hierarchy
Screenshots & More Information

Site Column Developers View
View all site columns including schema XML and ID's
Screenshots & More Information

Site List Definitions
View all the list definitions available on the site including schema XML
Screenshots & More Information

Developers & Administrators

Manage Event Handlers
Add, edit and delete event handlers on webs, lists and document libraries
Screenshots & More Information


Forms Authentication Configuration & Membership Provider Management
Screenshots & More Information

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